Primary curriculum for Year 1 and Year 6

Click here to download the objectives of the new Primary curriculum for years 1 and 6. There are 11 units for every respective year. Every unit holds 4 general objectives:

  • WG – Word of God
  • SD – Spiritual Dimension
  • RL – Religious Language
  • PCWV  - Personal Catholic World View

The Word of God: Hereby students acquire the ability to understand and encounter the Word of God as found both in the Sacred Scriptures and in the Sacred Tradition. The students need to grasp the ability to learn from the witness to the Christian faith throughout the ages and particularly in modern times.

The Spiritual Dimension: Students are educated in the sense of beauty and wonder, of emotions and of attitudes as they have found expression in the Roman Catholic tradition, together with the ability to formulate, express, and possibly answer, fundamental existential questions. Such education is found in, through and with Jesus Christ, of relationships/connectedness with oneself, others, all creation and God.

The Religious Language: Students are helped to understand the religious phenomenon and of how religion sustains and contributes to the development of cultures and societies, particularly in Western ones, through the arts, politics, sciences, education and philosophy. Students are helped to acquire the ability to read and interpret symbols and religious language, and to understand and critically appreciate other religion.

Personal Catholic Worldview: Students are helped to acquire virtues and values, together with the ability to read one’s own situation in a critical and analytic manner in the light of the Christian message. Students are to acquire the ability to apply the Christian message; and to live in a community in respect of diversity and in commitment to humankind.

The general objectives of every unit must remain the same for all teachers. On the other hand, teachers are expected to subdivide the general objectives into particular ones to create lessons and activities for the different abilities in class.

For further information, teachers can also access the Handbook for teaching of Religious Education (2012).


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